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Enterprise employees view:         Everyone is good for something.


Enterprise strategic view:            Trend first, then profit.


Enterprise brand concept:           enterprise is the boat, the brand is the sail, user is teacher.


Enterprise services:                    Users are the survival soil of the enterprise


Enterprise management way:     Not to be aware but to carry out


Enterprise working style:           No excuse, just do it


Enterprise wish:                          Make Realan a famous brand in the world.


Enterprise Values:                     Cooperation, Innovation, Sincerity, Dedication and Development


Enterprise mission:                    Make life Colorful




Enterprise management idea:




If you want to make accomplishment, you should be a better person first




Culture core is innovation:

A special cultural system has been formed for almost 10 years since it was established in 2002 to it has own brand, E-Mini. Realan has made idea innovation as the guide, the strategic innovation as the direction , the organizational innovation as the guarantee, the technical innovation as the means and the market innovation as the goal.  Realan have been developing from nobody to somebody, from domestic to overseas, meanwhile its enterprise culture has bee keeping developing and growing. Staff ‘s identity and active participation are the biggest characteristic of enterprise culture. Currently, the goal is to build one of the world famous brands as mini computer case manufacturer . The goal make development of realan and the value of individual pursuit combined perfectly.  each one will fully realize their personal value and pursuit along with Realan’s goal’s realization



Brand Strategy


What is brand? Some enterprises think that brand is trademark, some understand that brand is advertisement and popularity. Others think brand is service. Actually, they are right, but didn't catch the essence. Nowadays, global youth are crazy about American Apple’s iPhone. Is it because of IPhone's innovation? Of course, but it isn’t remarkable innovation. PDA + MP3, were applied functions in domestic cellphones, but Apple makes difference with same functions. Why can Apple do it ? Neither a certain special function nor the excellent hardware is the answer. It is the key to realize the user’s amazing experience on smartphone. Realan always adheres to the idea that the product is designed by market. For satisfying the user experience, we design different style for different customers, technology is important, but it is the means, not objective. Only one objective: wonderful experience, eternal memory.



Three Steps for Resolution  


Emergency Measures: problems will be dealt with promptly, stop if from worsening, measures must be decisive and effective.


Transitional Measures: Fully understanding the causes of problems, take measures to recover as much as possible, and to avoid the similar problems to happen.


Radical Measures: according to the root of the problem take practicable measures to get the problems solved radically in the systme, and eliminate external factors of the problems in the management.  


80/20 principle


The key minority restricts the secondary majority. Management is a few but crucial and employees are most but subordinate from the perspective of management. For example, if the employee’s error causes customer’s complaint or company’s loss, the supervisor should get harder punishment than employee. Because the deep reasons can be traced to the management problem of supervisors

Additional management is, not in enterprise owns borrows but how many resources he used. In addition, about management, what matters isn’t how much resources we own but how much we utilize