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Director from intel NUC and EX-channel group visited Realan

[Date] 2014-11-7 15:15:53   [Author]   [Come From]   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

On November 5th,2014, the director John Deatherage from technology giant Intel NUC And the representative from EX-channel group visited there partner, Shenzhen Realan computer products co., LTD., we have communicated about how to strengthen cooperation and how to broaden the cooperation pattern and so on.
A group photo

The main purpose of this visit is to investigate and negotiate the promotion and marketing of the new product Mr. NUC series. Mr.NUC are super mini hosts that launched by Realan and Intel, Mr.NUC carry Intel original nuc motherboard, the size is only 10 * 10 cm, appearance and structure design are very fashion , it must be demanded by the market.

Mr.NUC superfine host can be applied to DIY design, corporate office, family cinema , school multimedia , intelligent household, digital signage, intelligent transportation, banking system, advertising machine, etc.

In early 2014, Intel had turned their eyes to the mini computer industry and found their partner Realan! First, Intel China general agent EX-channel group gave the exclusive marketing rights of D2700MUD, D2550MUD2 series motherboard to Realan .Then we had reached an agreement about the development and cooperation of Intel's latest UCFF (the specifications of Ultra Compact Form Factor is 10 x 10 cm) .

In October 10th 2014, Realan officially launched the new product Mr.NUC series products which are cooperation with Intel, the firsting is two super mini series host which are carrying Intel I3, I5 CPU. And in the next five days, the firsting 100 mini pc were sold out in Realan’s TMALL. It’s obvious that Mr. NUC will have a good market prospect.

In the visit, the three parties had a deep discussion and communication about the problems and difficulties that Mr. NUC had encountered in the early, such as cost control, advertising, retail pricing, fittings collocation, etc! And we have achieved a unified understanding and basic solution! Everyone thought the development of Mr.NUC will be very very good! Intel and EX-channel group have given powerful support to the development and promotion of Mr.NUCWe believe that Mr.NUC’s development will be more quickly! Realan will give you more surprise!