mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
mini pc barebone,computer case,i5 mini pc,intel skylake i5,H44-i5S62T1
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What’s the Barebone

[Date] 2015-8-29 18:04:58   [Author]   [Come From]   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

    At first ,The barebone has developed from unfinished PC. In order to avoid the price fluctuation of PC hardware within the period of transportation, so the manufacturers assemble the hardware together with relative steady price together , then sell to customers, And this solution is beneficial to manufacturer’s production and sales for 2 following advantages: On the  one hand, to control and reduce price change risk ; On the other hand, avoid the damage to sensitive hardware in transit
The Benefits of Barebone 
    Obviously, Barebone is ultra mini in size , and good in design, could regard a decoration on office desk, or at home. At the same time , it could meet common users’ requirement about PC performance, Let’s take a look at video card, at present most barebone mother board usually integrate the 845G ,nforce 2IGP chipset, so the barebone could meet requirement for game and entertainment. Then let’s look inside of barebone, Space is limited , while could also HDD and FDD in , Gelivable in layout. As per it’s specialty, Barebone will gain some market share from PC , mobile PC ,laptop, while the prospect is also so promising if the manufacturer could not offer good service after sales . While from the price and size, between Desktop and laptop, it’s really a good option One classical barebone is IBM Think Center Classic, a business chasis, good in craft and design, USB and audio set on the front panel. For PSU, adopt Delta 18W, very good in quality and craft, with PFC energy saving technology and 680UF capacity on main circuit. Mother board is integrated Intel G41, produced by MSI, support Intel Core series CPU, including E5200 E7200 E8400 with 45nm Lithography , the quad cores Intel Core platform with best cost performance,integrates the most advanced GMAX4500 graphic chip, support DIRECTX 10.0,support HD video play. Support DDR2 667/800 RAM and SATA 2 HDD. Beside, one PCI-e 16x slot on the board, support all video card from AMD and NVDIA. Integrated REALTEK 811D Network card and ALC662 6.1 sound channel audio card.

The Advantages of Barebone
    At first, Barebone is designed and make for OEM customer or Branded Computer Corporation, Original sake is to offer a cost effective solution to avoid the price change hardware like CPU ,RAM and so on. In my option, Different with traditional PC ,the leading feature of Barebone is it is just like a household appliance .

Here list some advantages of barebone as follows:
     Firstly, it’s small in size and good look in design, besides all kinds of button are on the front panel, easy to control and operate, you don’t even need to get a exclusive PC desk for it, just put your writing desk.
    Secondly, Good in performance, the integrate also has become more and more fucking awesome and powerful as the technology development. Nowadays, barebone is available for 3D display, multiple channel audio card, network card, USB ,IEEE1994,optical fiber. Although not so good as PC with top configuration, while not suck in performance compared common desktop.
    Thirdly, Barebone is better in multiple media, really good choice for household. At present, most barebone are with USB , IEEE1994, optical fiber port, the user could connect all kinds of personal use digital gadgets to barebone, and play CD on it.

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 The disadvantages of Barebone

As a line says nothing is perfect in the world , so is the barebone. Here list some disadvantages as follows:
     Firstly, Cuz all hardware like audio card, video card network etc , were integrated on the mother board, so could not update hardware simple like common desktop, if you update all hardware together, then the cost would be not cheap.
    Secondly, The price of barebone is around 260 USD, that’s unacceptable for DIY guy to purchase chassis, PSU, mother board, audio card , graphic card, too dear in price
    Thirdly, Not easy to repair and maintenance, common user could only send it back to re-seller for aid, since they could not find out reason when their barebone strikes.
The user Group of Barebone
    The disadvantages are as obvious as advantages, so who will choose to use barebone ? DIY guy will not consider it cuz of the price. While the key to the development in IT scope, is whether it find the right user group.

A ,Firstly, the user group
    Compared with traditional PC, Barebone is small in size, good look in design, easy to DIY. So personally think it’s a good choice for student, on the one hand, it would not occupy too much space in limited student dorm; Besides, it’s portable and convenient to bring it home on vacation.
    Besides, it’s also a good choice for common household user, they are not hardware and software fancier, and have no idea how to assemble a PC, and to buy a branded PC is also a problem cuz of high cost;    

    They have no strict requirement about hardware, what they do with PC is simple entertainment , work, study .for the user of household, a small, trendy, quiet barebone is more attractive than a ugly, noisy high end PC.

    On the other hand, to some family with limited house space, to use barebone could spare more space in the room; To house renter, easy to carry for common relocate; To primary DIY lover, barebone is also a good choice to experience DIY.

 mini quasi system, mini computer, mini host, small host,mini pc

 B, Tips for Purchasing a Barebone
Tip 1,Choose your favorite design, Once you decide to get a barebone, then you should also choose the shape you prefer most, nowadays , they are many barebone imitate mac in shape, good in look, metal case, and more color for choice
Tip 2, Compatibility between chipset and CPU. Generally, There is no CPU  in the barebone, so you should note compatibility between chipset and CPU. Personally, I suggest to take barebone compatible with Intel CPU, in this case you could choose very quiet cooler for it.
Tip 3, Study difference in Chipset
For barebone, key factor to price is chipset. For example, chipsets from Intel or SIS support Pentium 4 CPU, While the price would is completely different. Even chipset are from Intel, while the price gap is around 180 USD between I845 and I865. So before you decide, you should study the details at first.
Tip 4, Consider the interfaces as per personal requirement. One advantage of barebone is it’s multimedia input and output. Some cheap and trendy barebone are only with regular interface like USB and Audio , which could only used as a mini PC. While a barebone used as a smart multimedia player ,Except be with USB,IEEE1394, audio output,video output, also should be with dual VGA output,optical fiber output/input.
Tip 5, The balance between be quiet and cool.

    Since the most barebone adopt mini chasis, so you have got think about the cooling of CPU, mainboard and cooling. Nowadays, barebone integrate common fan and heat pipe cooling technology, make barebone cooling effect good. Another issue you should find the balance between the be quiet and cool, you could not sacrifice being quiet or cool.

Tip 6, Expansion. One disadvantage of barebone is it’s limited expansion. So when you buy a barebone you should pay special attention on it’s expansion from following aspects:
1>, To check what’s CPU, RAM, HDD, ODD, even keyboard available
2>, To check the RAM and PCI slot number and size, the principle is the more the better, they are important to update and improve your hardware configuration;
3>, Check whether there is AGP slot on the mainboard , cuz you could install individual video card if AGP slot on the mainboard. Besides, one tip for the guy who is to install video card, also check whether your PSU support the upgrades