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On 2016 Computex Taipei, Realan makes great achievement again

[Date] 2016-6-1 23:02:44   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    In this June, Computex Taipei comes as always. On the theme of "Construction of the world's science and technology ecosystem ", Intel, ASUS, AMD, NVIDIA and other PC giants have come to join in this exhibition. At the annual gathering of the IT giants, we learn from the past and look at the present, see that the future is an eternal theme.





    As one of the world's best exhibitions, new concepts and new products are always the stars of the show. In this exhibition, VR (Virtual Reality) and robots come to real application from concept, which are eye-catching. Even so, as the subject of this exhibition, the computer still occupies the most important role. Of course, conventional computers, in today's show, just brush sense of presence. The real attention is the new, extraordinary and special products. The mini M/B prompts the miniaturization of computers. Over the past year, Intel, AMD and other manufacturers have introduced public NUC products (Next UNIT of computing). Realan computer, is the first company to make this NUC products in Mainland. We believe that our Mr.NUC will still become the focus of attention.







    As a frequent exhibitor of the Taipei Computer Show, after months of preparation, Realan computer, including Mr.NUC, barebones, small host, small chassis, power supply, motherboard and other variety of products are all ready to show, and our foreign team are prepared for this exhibition, to gain greater opportunities. Our booth area is ​​54 square meters. With spacious booth space and soft lighting effects, our Mr.NUC as well as our mini aluminum chassis are showing out their noble quality. Close to the pavilion main channel, and displayed by the beautiful young showgirls, our products attract many people and let visitors to learn more about our design ideas and concepts. More and more guests have strong interest in our products. Our team patiently explains Mr.NUC, mini-chassis, and the performance of other related products. The entire hall is full of visitors, which indicates that consumers have great interest and concern about our products, and our company's product direction and development strategies are in line with market demand.


    With mute, mini, delicate, compact, high-performance and energy-saving and the wide use in office and home, Realan’s Mr.NUC will become the vanguard in the market of computers. Wish a complete success for Realan great achievement again in this show and toast for our future.