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Mini PC with Rio share a new world

[Date] 2016-8-5 18:35:50   [Author]   [Come From]Realan   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

mini pc, olympics

Warm congratulations for the Rio Olympic Games, which will be held on Aug 6th. As people who can't visit the site and cheer for our athletes. To experience the on the spot passion through TV, online video become the preferred.

mini pc, olympics

At present, large size screen LCD television have went into thousands of families for a long time. With the development of science and technology also led to the users to chase for higher image quality, high-fidelity effects, but at present rarely a television can support 4K effect directly.

In order to achieve a high-fidelity effect, HTPC becomes the best choice for close contact with the Olympic site. It’s also very important to choose the pc host which is functioned as media resource. Considered the traditional large desktop host looks incompatible when put in guest room, a mini PC with small size, stable performance, low power energy efficient becomes the preferred choice for source video processing.

Based on this demand, Realan released a mini computer that support 4K mode, with pure computer operating system, powerful display, and strong support for 4K mode, it is the best equipment to watch the Rio Olympic Games

Configured with Intel i5-4300U, support max 8GB RAM, mSATA SSD, integrated Intel HD 5000 Graphics card, audio & video interface, USB, HDMI, VGA port, it meet the demand for current mainstream media device connect, what especially important is that through HDMI interface it can support a resolution of 3840*2160, become the indeed devices to support 4K indeed.

The product based on office and home use comes with Aluminum alloy material, have a piano lacquer top cover. Especially the colorful breathing light at the top of the mini PC, it’s soft light color alternating gives fantastic feeling when the PC is running.

Uses high heat dissipation aluminum material, greatly improves the cooling capacity, while also isolates the electron radiation. It has an ingenious design compared to similar products. It comes with a delicate appearance and obtained appearance patent. With 10*10 cm motherboard overall dimensions of 11.8cm*11.8cm*5.15cm, weight only 0.6KG, it is small and delicate, also we designed security hole on the pc to prevent stolen.

Meanwhile, this Mini PC power consumption is less than 30W, compared to the traditional desktop 200-300W, only accounts about its 10%, energy saving effect is quite obvious. The fanless design makes it runs in silent. Thus you can enjoy the wonderful Olympic games and cheer for the athletes at an quite environment.