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Realan Computer was founded in 2002. Starting with researching and developing of mini case and power, now it has more than 10-year professional experience, and has become the largest mini case/power manufactor. The launching of a series of classic cases solved the heat dissipation caused by small size, promoted the developing of mini case a lot in the market and is leading the mini case trend. It is capable to provide customization service to make them more suitable for industry area. Among all the products, we collect some questions and answers cared by customers for all your reference and all your questions and suggests are welcomed!

  1. Features of Realan mini case
    Realan Computer focuses on research and manufacturing of mini ITX case more than 10 years. It starts with mini case and power, dedicates itself to the development of mini ITX. Produced ITX cases are small, delicate, good cooling, strongly compatible. Meanwhile, All aluminum Q and D series, were once the representatives of mini ITX case.
  2. How many types could Realan mini case be divided into according to motherboards? And different models?
    There are mainly two types according to motherbards:
    ITX structure: E-1001E-1002E-2011E-2012E-2015、E-2016、E-3001、E-3002、E-3015、E-3016、E-Q5、E-Q6、E-Q7、E-Q8、E-Q5i、E-Q6i、E-I3、E-I5、E-I7、E-I3S、E-I5S、E-K5、E-N44、E-Q3i、E-2020C、E-N44、E-W44E-W60E-W80E-W80SE-W150E-T3E-T3SE-G3,E-C3 etc.
    Micro Structure: E-2008E-2018E-2028、E-2029、E-D3E-D5E-D3SE-D5S etc.
    Note: E-A3 is special with 12*12cm, and Mr.NUC-V3Mr.NUC-V6Mr.NUC-V7 is with 10*10cm mini NUC.
  3. Any cases that can expand graphics?
    There are mainly three types can expand:
    1) Directly expand with half height graphics (AGP): E-I7、E-K5i、E-2008、E-2018、E-2028、E-2029.
    2) Need PCI riser card: E-2010BE-2020B.
    3) Full height graphics: E-D3E-D5E-D3SE-D5S.
  4. Any cases with internal power? And what is the power model?
    There are mainly three types:
    1) FXL 300W power: E-2008, E-2018, E-2028, E-2029.
    2) 1U250W power: E-2020C, E-K5i.
    3) 200W power: E-T02, E-K5.
    Note: E-D3, E-D5, E-D3S, E-D5S are empty cases, can be installed wiht standard PC power, and E-W150 can be installed with Micro ATX power)
  5. What's the difference between E-3001 and E-2011?
    1) E-3001 has smaller volume (different structure).
    2) E-3001 material is 0.6mm SECC but E-2011 is of 0.8mm.
    3) E-3001 doesn't have USB and audio on front panel, while E-2011 has 2*USB2.0 and audio on left panel.
    4) E-3001 doesn't have 4Pin and SATA port on the front, while E-2011 has one set on the right panel.
    5) E-3001 has an COM on the back, while E-2011 doesn't have one.
    6) E-3001 has a lock hole on the back, while E-2011 doesn't.
    7) E-3001 is with LR-1007 dc board while E-2011 is with LR-1204.
    8) E-3001 can be installed with 3.5” HDD when using thin motherboard, while E-2011 can only be installed with 2.5” HDD.
  6. What's difference between E-2008 and E-2028?
    1)Structure difference:
    Ⅰ、E-2008 can only be installed with slim ODD, while E-2028 can be installed with standard ODD.
    Ⅱ、Depth of E-2008 is: 310mm while E-2028 is: 370mm.
    2) Panel difference: E-2008 uses sand blasting, while E-2028 uses UV and removable panel.
  7. What's the standard power configuration of E-N3? And what's the difference between N3 and N44?
    E-N3 standard power configuration: LR-1108 mini straight cutting dc board and 12V5A adapter
    The differences:
    1) E-N3 height: 65mm, while E-N44 height: 44mm.
    2) E-N3 standard power configuration: LR-1108 mini straight cutting dc board and 12V5A adapter, while E-N44 is with 12V5A adapter.
    3) E-N3 can be installed with standard ITX motherboard, while E-N44 can only be installed self-powered thin motherboard.
  8. What's the difference between E-Q5, E-Q6 and E-Q5i?
    First: The difference between E-Q5 and E-Q6:
    1) E-Q5 can be installed with slim ODD, while E-Q6 can't.
    2) E-Q5 has 2*COM on the back, while E-Q6 doesn't.
    3) E-Q5 height: 80mm, while E-Q6: 56mm.
    Second: E-Q5i is the updated version of E-Q5:
    1) Technology difference. E-Q5 uses sand blasting, while E-Q5i uses wire drawing.
    2) E-Q5 standard power configuration: LR1204 regular dc board, While E-Q5i: LR1204-Q solid state dc board.
    3) E-Q5 has the slim ODD cover, while E-Q5i is with USB cover.
  9. What's the difference between E-I7 and E-I5?
    1) E-I7 has bigger size.
    2) E-I7 can be installed with half height graphics, while E-I5 can't.
    3) E-I7 can be installed with suction slim ODD, while E-I5 can't.
    4) E-I7 standard power configuration: LR1204-Q solid state dc board and 12V7A adapter, While E-I5: LR1204 regular dc board and 12V5A adapter.
  10. What's the name role of E-W series? Suitable motherboard? What's the height limitation of CPU radiator?
    E-W series all aluminum case is named after the thickness and all can support 170*170mm ITX motherboard. E-W44 supports thin motherboard. E-W44 thickness: 44mm, CPU radiator height limitation: 25mm; E-W60 thickness: 60mm, CPU radiator height limitation: 34mm; E-W80 and E-W80S thickness: 80mm, CPU radiator height limitation: 54mm; E-W150 thickness: 150mm, CPU radiator height limitation: 43mm.
  11. What's the maximum motherboard size that E-D series case can be installed? How about the graphics size? What's CPU radiator height limitation? What's the difference between the cases?
    E-D3S doesn't have 12cm fan space on the top, while E-D3, E-D5 and E-D5S do. Others are listed below:
    Model Max Motherboard Size Full Graphics Length CPU Radiator Height Limitation HDD Expansion Front Expansion
    E-D3 Mini-ITX 19cm*17cm 20cm double slots 11cm 1*3.5”HDD+1*2.5”HDD or 2*2.5”HDD On top: 1*usb3.0, 1*usb2.0
    E-D3S Mini-ITX 23cm*21cm 20cm double slots 11cm 1*3.5”HDD+1*2.5”HDD or 2*2.5”HDD On top: 1*usb3.0, 1*usb2.0
    E-D5 Micro-ATX 24.5cm*24.5cm 25cm double slots 11cm 2*3.5”HDD or 3*2.5”HDD On top: 1*usb3.0, 1*usb2.0
    E-D5S Micro-ATX 24.5cm*24.5cm 25cm double slots 11cm 2*3.5”HDD or 3*2.5”HDD On top: 2*usb3.0, 2*usb2.0, 2*card slot
  12. What's the advantage of aluminum case compared to SECC steel case?
    Appearance: Anodizing, wiredrawing, sand blasting, make aluminum more modern and sharing.
    Structure: Better wear-resisting and antioxidative.
    Heat dissipation: Better heat conductor, is 4 times the efficiency of steel.
    Weight: Lighter.