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Home Technology Support Mini MainboardMini Mainboard Technology Support

Realan owns rich experience and technology in manufacturing chassis and power supply. Based on these resource, correspondingly we launch ITX mainboard with low consumption, meanwhile we cooperate with Intel, AMD and Gigabyte.Here are frequent asked questions about mainboard with answer and resolution for reference. If your have more question about mainboard , pls let us know and we are glad to be helpful.

  1. What is ITX Mainboard?
    VIA came up with the idea of MinI ITX and think it can be the standard resolution of Mini PC in the future. The stardard size of Mini ITX Mainboard is 170mm*170mm (6.75inch*6.75inch). Mini ITX Mainboard is desiged to be used as small computer that can have low consumption and save space. So it can fit it car, set top box, HTPC, thin client and so on.
  2. What is the category of mainboard? What are their sizes?
    (1)common size of mainboard:
    Mini-ITX: 170* 170MM
    Mini-DTX: 200*170MM
    DTX: 244*210MM
    M - ATX: 24.5*24.5MM
    (2) more size of mainboard :
    XT: (8.5 × 11"或216 × 279 mm)
    AT: (12 × 11"–13"或305 × 279–330 mm)
    Baby-AT: (8.5" × 10"–13"或216 mm × 254-330 mm)
    ATX: (Intel 1996;12" × 9.6"或305 mm × 244 mm)
    EATX: (12" × 13"或305mm × 330 mm)
    Mini-ATX: (11.2" × 8.2"或284 mm × 208 mm)
    MicroATX: (1996; 9.6" × 9.6" 或 244 mm × 244 mm)
    LPX: (9" × 11"–13" 或 229 mm × 279–330 mm)
    picoBTX: longest 203.20mm,can expend one PCI slot。
    microBTX: 10.40" x 10.50" / 246.16mm x 226.70mm
    BTX: longest 325.12mm,can expand 7 PCI slots
    DTX:203 mm ×244 m, can expand 2 PCI slots
  3. What kind of mainboard does Realan have? What are their model no.?
    Realan focus on research, production, marketing and OEM service for ITX Mainboard, Mini Chassis, Power supply and Mini PC.
    Now we have following mainboard:
    Based on intel 1037U chipsets: NANO-1037U(12*12cm),LR-1037T-2U2C (17*17cm)
    Based on intel J1900 chipsets: LR-J1900T1(17*17cm),LR-J1900T2(17*17cm)
    Based on AMD chipsets: LR-E240TN(17*17cm),LR-E450TN(17*17cm)
    These mainboard can be widely used in office, education, finance, industrial , security, all in one and so on.
  4. What are the common interface of mainboard ?
    (1)CPU socket
    Mainboard CPU socket
    (2)Memory socket
    Mainboard Memory Socket
    (3) SATA socket
    Mainboard SATA Socket
    SATA socket mainly for connecting with HDD
    (4)USB socket
    Mainboard USB socket
    (5)IDE socket and power socket
    Mainboard IDE socket
    (6)CPU power socket
    Mainboard CPU power socket
    (7)CPU fan socket
    Mainboard CPU fan socket
    (8)other sockets
    Mainboard sockets
    PWRSW is for power button, HDLED is for HDD read and record
    (9)PCIe graphic sockets
    Ⅰ、PCIe X1 socket
    Mainboard PCIe X1
    PCIe X1 is used for expension card with PCIe X1 interface.
    Ⅱ、PCI socket
    Mainboard PCI socket
    PCI socket is used for expension card with PCI interface.