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#SUPERSEPTEMBER, The Season’s Best Deals

#SUPERSEPTEMBER, The Season’s Best Deals

Realan team building activities

In order to enhance team cohesion, to improve teamwork effectiveness and collective spirits, to strengthen team communication and information exchange, Realan organized an interesting departments activities on August 26th.

Congratulate Realan Mr.NUC series mini pc has been embodied by NUC Ecosystem Cat...

Recently, the headquarters of Intel according to the comprehensive planning and arrangement of NUC China market, the needs of mini PC market and combined with Realan computer’s great impressive performance in themini pc market

2017 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

2017 Realan Spring Festival Holiday Notice,

Obsessive- Analysis of Application Prospects of Mini Computer

Computer technology is the worlds fastest-growing science and technology, product upgrading. At present, the computer is moving in the direction of giant, miniaturization and intelligence.

University town, here we are -- Realan relocation finished

Since its established, Realan has developed from business of chassis, power to a mini computer manufacturer, and has contributed a lot in the leading and promotion of mini PC. Due to the rapid development of the company

Mini PC with Rio share a new world

Warm congratulations for the Rio Olympic Games, which will be held on Aug 6th. As people who cant visit the site and cheer for our athletes. To experience the on the spot passion through TV, online video become the preferred.

Realan 2016 International Labor Day

The annual International Labor Day is coming, thank you for your support and effort of everybody, your support is our biggest motivation to move on .Let us work harder and enjoy it.

2016 Tomb-sweeping day holiday

The Tomb-Sweeping Day is an important day for Chinese, it is a statutory public holiday in mainland China on April 4-6 each year and in this festival for memorizing the deceased, people sensed more of the power of life and showed great concern to oth...

The happy moment of Realan’s “Afternoon Tea”

In order to reflect the Realan’s humanized management and enhance team cohesion ,colleagues to understand each other, realan adds the activity of “Afternoon Tea” to improve staff’s sense of identity and belonging to the company ,make the staff r...

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